Animal Superpowers

  • Title: Animal Superpowers
  • Duration: 3 × 60’ HD
  • Producer: Great Britain
  • Year: 2011

National Geographic Channel Collection

Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals; from shape shifting octopuses that change the colour of their skin in an instant to salamanders that have the alien-like ability to re-grow lost limbs. Using a mix of action-packed location filming following intrepid scientists tracking and catching these extraordinary animals, stunning footage of extreme animal behaviour, and immersive CGI animation, Patrick Stewart reveals the secret superpowers of the animal kingdom. Each episode unlocks the secret powers of three different animal groups from hunters to killers to survivors.

Extreme Hunters
Patrick Stewart examines three species with super hunting powers. They are the masters of tracking and stalking prey. We’ll see the most electro-sensitive fish in the animal kingdom, hammerhead sharks. We’ll test a snake’s ability to strike their prey with deadly precision — even in complete darkness. Then we’re off to the Azores to see how sperm whales communicate.

Extreme Killers
In this episode we’ll meet animal assassins that are the most extreme killers. They have unique powers of lethal force to undertake ambush attacks. We’ll follow a team as they wrestle a crocodile in order to measure its bite strength. We’ll see a peregrine falcon in an incredible high speed dive. Finally, an expedition to the Amazon will show us the unbelievable power of army ants when they work together.

Extreme Survivors
All of these animals have unique powers of survival. They are the toughest life forms on earth, capable of incredible escapes. We’ll meet the incredible shape-shifter, the octopus, as well as the salamander that can regrow limbs. Then we’re off on a journey to the Surinamese rainforest to see how the electric eel uses electricity.