Predator’s Prey

  • Title: Predator’s Prey
  • Duration: 13 × 30’
  • Producer: USA
  • Year:

Discovery/Animal Planet

What chance does an animal stand against a predator? ’Predator’s Prey’ invites the viewers to investigate how prey outwit and outmanoeuvre their fearsome animal assailants. Presenting some of the most dramatic natural history conflicts in the wild, this series explores fascinating animal behaviour and interactions from the perspective of the prey animal.

Discover how zebras use explosive fighting techniques to repel inquisitive killers and how dolphins fend off the ocean’s deadliest sharks. Then, witness the true power of strength in numbers in the animal kingdom. Eye-catching graphics and compelling footage reveal that prey are more fearless — and evenly matched in ability — the predators and their prey might be more evenly matched than you might think.

When one sees a predator pouncing on its prey, one tends to believe that the prey stands no chance and feel quite sorry for it. The show shows many instances where the predators and their prey are quite evenly matched, unlike the general opinion held by humans.