The Most Extreme

  • Title: The Most Extreme
  • Duration: 76 × 60’
  • Producer: New Zealand, USA, Holland
  • Year: 2003–2007
  • IMDb 8.2

Co-Production with Animal Planet

The world is full of amazing animals, so how would you choose the best of the best? The Most Extreme is a fun look at how the best (and worst) of our world stack up against the animal kingdom. Each storyline is simple: count down the ten most extreme animals for any behaviour, technique, method or category. The journey to find the answer, however, is far from straightforward. The path twists between natural history, science, history and trivia. You just never know what’s coming up next.

It’s much more than just a list of the top ten fastest animals, or the strongest, or the weirdest. The Most Extreme goes way further, comparing all kinds of human achievements with those of nature in the most graphic way possible. Funny, intriguing and downright outrageous, The Most Extreme is an entirely new perspective on the animal kingdom.