Caught In The Act

  • Title: Caught In The Act
  • Duration: 13 х 30’
  • Producer: Great Britain
  • Year: 2011
  • IMDb 8.2

Head deep into the natural world and get right to the heart of the action as this new series documents some of the most unbelievable animal behaviour ever captured on camera. Witness amazing footage of creatures “Caught in the Act” and behaving oddly in their native habitat - from lions viciously attacking hyenas, to great white sharks leaping out of the ocean and a baby hippo escaping death at the jaws of a lioness.

Caught on camera by tourists, safari guides and park rangers, as well as dedicated filmmakers, this action-packed series captures the remarkable antics of chimps, rhinos, leopards and more. Hear from those who experienced the events first-hand and also wildlife experts who analyse the goings on in an attempt to better understand the incredible natural world.