• Title: Manimal
  • Duration: 5 × 60’ HD
  • Producer: France
  • Year: 2016

In the four corners of the world, people live cheek by jowl with wild animals in sometimes astonishing harmony. These men and women are anything but scientists, and their chosen way of life is guided mainly by their passion. Whether through communication or even telepathy, through complicity, maternal instinct or shared adventure, together they have built unusual and privileged relationships based on trust and mutual respect, full of tenderness, affection, but also sometimes danger. The “Manimal” collection invites you to share the daily existence of these people and their surprising companions, who are sometimes wild, often awe-inspiring and always with a mind of their own. You will also discover how their bonds develop, and why these special relationships last today.

A Mother for the Elephants
Dolphins, Messengers from the Sea
Two Gorillas at Home
Acting with Wolves
In the Eye of the Husky