Dog Tales Rescue

  • Title: Dog Tales Rescue
  • Duration: 18 × 30’ HD
  • Producer: Great Britain
  • Year: 2018–2019

This heart-warming series follows the trials and tribulations of Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary, as they operate and continue to expand their one-of-a-kind animal rescue. Passionate co-founders and married couple Danielle and Rob, along with their dedicated and experienced staff of 50, take in sick, elderly and abused souls and provide them with a beautiful home-like environment to rehabilitate until they are adopted out into their forever homes. The sanctuary regularly plays home to over 100 dogs, 80 horses, pigs, cows, donkeys and continues to grow. With an eye-opening look at local and international animals in need, the series follows the hard work, commitment, sacrifice and hope it takes to run a world-class animal rescue. Stories reflect the grit not only of Danielle, Rob and their staff, but also of the animals, as they work through harrowing and seemingly impossible challenges in search of happy endings.