Survival Science

  • Title: Survival Science
  • Duration: 30 × 30’ HD
  • Producer: USA
  • Year: 2017

On Survival Science, hosts Nick Mundt and Laura Schara put their skills — and their bodies — on the line to test the human limits under the most extreme circumstances the outdoors can dish out. From animal attacks to raging storms, blazing heat to frigid cold, and impossible terrain to thirst and starvation. On every episode, the adventure, excitement, pyrotechnics and danger are real, as our production team designs and builds amazing experiments to subject Nick and Laura to grueling tests on Survival Science. Fight to Survive tells the inspiring true stories of outdoorsmen who have faced down death in the wilderness and lived to tell their story. Adventurer, author and survivor Craig DeMartino hosts the series, journeying to meet other survivors and hear their stories. Each week Craig takes a survivor back to the flashpoint of their ordeal as they share with him their very own fight to survive. From the exciting action to the inspiring comebacks, these stories will remind us all that faith, determination and human spirit can do anything when faced with the ultimate Fight to Survive. Trip Gone Bad is an adventure series that focuses on stories of survival as told by the outdoorsmen who lived to tell the tales. Featuring vivid, action-packed re-enactments, this series plunges viewers firsthand into the life and death struggles that each outdoorsman encountered, and explores not only the story of survival, but the techniques used to come out alive.