Garden Design: When Nature Meets Art

  • Title: Garden Design: When Nature Meets Art
  • Duration: 10 × 30’ HD
  • Producer: France
  • Year: 2017

Gardens are mirrors of the world. An invitation to discover an art form, they are true testimonies to extraordinary inventiveness. Through breathtaking destinations, this series takes us to meet the people who have transformed pieces of nature and urban wastelands into truly unique and innovative landscape creations.

From the Zhongshan Garden (China) turning reclaimed wasteland into a magnificent green space, to the Inhotim open air museum (Brazil) in the heart of 2,000 hectares of lush forest, via the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Scotland), the Cranbourne Gardens (Australia), or Al-Azhar Park (Egypt) — and more to come, we go to meet the designers of these spaces, as well as the gardeners, botanists, historians and everyday visitors who enjoy them.

Exploring environment and creativity, come enjoy a unique view of these spaces we thought we knew. Discover new manners of inhabiting the planet combined with a new way of experiencing nature.