Wild Corridors

  • Title: Wild Corridors
  • Duration: 4 × 60’ 4K
  • Producer: France
  • Year: 2021

By constantly expanding our activities and appropriation of land, humans have reduced wildlife territories, disrupting the natural passages through which animals must travel to meet their needs. Known as “ecological corridors”, these pathways are key to protecting biodiversity. So how do wild species fit into an increasingly inhabited, concrete, developed Earth? Are we capable of sharing territories with other living species? Beyond creating enclosed, “safe” reserves and sanctuaries, what are the solutions to preserve these wild areas?

From the desert of Namibia, to the mountains of France through the plateau of Nepal and the forests of Romania, this global series explores four natural — yet still threatened — corridors, in an attempt to address the potential for peaceful cohabitation. Through the perspective of the scientists, the residents and the animals themselves, each episode follows innovative experiments carried out to restore natural corridors, and features a stunning, unique landscape that is home to an emblematic species.