Top Science Stories

  • Title: Top Science Stories
  • Duration: 1 × 60’ HD
  • Producer: USA
  • Year: 2017

Curiosity Stream looks back at many of the most fascinating and recent science stories. Witness stunning discoveries by NASA and ESA space missions, from a nearby cold sun and its seven exoplanets to the latest on Jupiter’s “fuzzy” core. See the final images of the Cassini’s 20-year mission before its fiery crash into the ringed planet, Saturn.

Closer to home, discover a new species of dinosaur thanks to a nearly perfect fossil specimen, partially covered in pigmented “skin”. See how continents are made as new volcanic islands are formed. And, by the way, there’s now an eighth continent of the world. How is that possible? Where has it been hiding? Learn about new archeological digs that are pushing back human history in the Americas by 100,000 years. From astronomy to biology, geology to the environment, it’s all here in the Top Science Stories.