• Title: Edible-inedible
  • Duration: 190 × 30’ HD
  • Producer: Russia
  • Year: 2017–2022

Mikhail Shirvindt is one of the famous and popular TV presenters in Russia, as well as a TV producer.

“Edible-inedible” is a collective name, it is not strictly tied to the topic of gastronomy. The well-known presenter travels around Russian and foreign cities, visiting both sights and restaurants, famous and not so famous. And he makes his verdict: is it edible or not. Based on personal feelings and on his own experience, the presenter tries “by the tooth” not only local dishes, but also interesting places that are worth (or not worth) visiting. He gives valuable advice on how to save money in an unfamiliar city, how to recognize the right restaurant, and shares recipes for national cuisine.