Wicked Inventions

  • Title: Wicked Inventions
  • Duration: 60 × 30’ HD
  • Producer: Great Britain
  • Year: 2016

We may not notice but fascinating technology and main blowing seance constantly sound us in the products we use every day. What do duct tape and instant coffee have in common? Or GPS navigation and Kleenex tissues? Prepare to be surprised.

This fascinating pop science series looks at some of the most common everyday items that surround us and the surprising ways in which they began. The way we manufacture and use many items unlocks fascinating histories of these items and the changing world around us.

We reveal the mysterious light-bending substance that lurks behind your computer display, the journey from Volcano to high class drinking vessel and we find out why drinking Beer used to be healthier than drinking water! How things originally created in the Human race for supremacy and exploration have found their way into our everyday lives.

The series tells the stories of how and why items were invented and how their applications and manufacture have changed, often beyond recognition.