Chefs des Chefs

  • Title: Chefs des Chefs
  • Duration: 3 × 60’ HD
  • Producer: France
  • Year: 2014

Chef des Chefs is an elite club composed of 40 highly distinguished chefs cooking for the world’s most powerful heads of states. Preparing daily meals and sumptuous feasts for special government receptions, they live a life of both privilege and considerable pressure. They are ambassadors of their country’s cuisine and have the crucial role to meticulously create an atmosphere that will favor diplomacy and political negotiations. Their challenge is to consistently exhibit the highest standards of gastronomy, including selecting the finest ingredients, creating inventive menus, and delivering flawless service. We delve into the luxurious and mysterious palace of Monaco to meet Christian Garcia, who has been the personal chef of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his family for the past 24 years. This passionate man will go to any length to discover the rarest treasures that will compose the imaginative and delicate dishes required by the royal family. Uncover what happens behind closed doors as Chef Garcia carefully orchestrates a prestigious reception for the President of Croatia with the help of his dedicated 30 person team.

We meet Jérôme Rigaud, a 36 year old French chef who has followed an unconventional path all the way to the Kremlin in Moscow, a palace of majestic grandeur that once housed the Russian tsars and today is the home of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The Kremlin is a highly defended fortress carefully guarded from the public, and Chef Rigaud must work according to the strict rules of the well-established Russian system where security is the number one priority. Accompany Rigaud through the highs and lows of his demanding yet exceptional job as the personal cook of President Medvedev at the Russian Kremlin.

The next one is the chef at the famous Elysee Palace in Paris which is the official residence of the French President. Bernard Vaussion and his team must anticipate the needs of their global guests and present only the highest quality ingredients. Bernard takes behind the scenes in the splendid Palais and talks about his many years service for various presidents. We will attend a gastronomic meeting of the Chefs des Chefs hosted by Alain Ducasse in the luxurious Eiffel tower restaurant.