Animal Science

  • Title: Animal Science
  • Duration: 26 х 30’
  • Producer: USA
  • Year: 2012

Animal have a universal appeal and people’s curiosity about them is endless. “Animal Science” is a new half-hour weekly animal series with a uniquely scientific approach. While most animal shows look at the behavior of animals, we go one step further to look at the how and why an animal is able to excel in its environment.

Why does a blue whale consume 1.5 billion calories (7,000 pounds of food) per day? How can a hippo walk under water? These are the types of questions and stories that will be answered on “Animal Science”, a thoroughly entertaining and unique animal show. Some of the animal factsare truly surprising such as the number of muscles in an elephant’s trunk and that while a cheetah has multiple adaptation for speed, it can only run at top speed for 200 yards. We just don’t show you animal behavior, we tell you why abd how animals behave the way they do.

Shot in high-definition, “Animal Science” uses animation, graphics, and scientific analysis from animal experts to give viewers more understanding than ever before of these amazing creatures. The language isn’t stuffy or pedantic and the science behind these animals’ feats is explained easily so this program will attract all age demographics.