The Dog Listener

  • Title: The Dog Listener
  • Duration: 6 х 30’
  • Producer: New Zealand
  • Year:

Jan Fennel is The Dog Listener. Author of five books including best sellers- The Dog Listener and The Practical Dog Listener. Jan, based in the UK, is a leading dog behaviourist with a unique understanding of the unspoken language of the dog. New Zealander, Mark Leishman is a presenter, director and producer. He has hosted nine series of the top rating "Wonder Dogs", developing a niche as the 'dog man' of New Zealand.

During the series Jan takes on some of the most cantankerous and badly behaved dogs and talks with their exasperated owners. Stories of frustration, anger and embarrassment feature together with a sense of sheer desperation of these owners who are hoping their lives will be changed forever.

Jan can calm the most aggressive dogs and silence the most irritating barkers in front of the camera. Invariably, we see the relief and excitement as the owners realise there really is a way to have a polite, obedient and reliable dog. The show closes with Jan recapping on her advice and offering her opinion on how the owner might continue on the path to success.

The Dog Listener Downunder is an informative and entertaining take on life with your dog. The combination of Jan's skill and great sense of humour, Mark's endearing personality as he links the show and the"dog/owner" characters from Downunder make this series compelling viewing.