The Greatest Ever

  • Title: The Greatest Ever
  • Duration: 8 х 60’
  • Producer: Canada, Great Britain
  • Year: 2006

From fighter jets to fast cars, from motorcycles to military might, “The Greatest Ever” uncovers our most magnificent machines and goes out on a limb to name the best of the best. It’s a celebration of the marvels of modern technology. Our hand-chosen, unique “experts” make their picks and passionately defend their top 10 in our pursuit of #1.

DEFINITIVE - The ultimate authority on each topic with a truly global reach.

LIST BASED - A fast-paced countdown from 10 to 1.

EXPERTS - From Eddie Irvine to Tom Clancy to a Hells Angels mechanic, our informed but quirky experts add juice to the selections. They’re pumped to defend their picks!

THE TESTS - We race an Y2K superbike against a jet. Tune in to see which awesome machine hits the finish line first.

SHOOTING - The high volume of original footage and a strong graphics package makes “The Greatest Ever” a one-of-a-kind, list-based series.