Ultimate Wildlife

  • Title: Ultimate Wildlife
  • Duration: 50 х 30’
  • Producer: Great Britain
  • Year: 2007

Featuring stunning film from BBC Motion Gallery – the best natural history footage in the world – the “Ultimate Wildlife” series is a unique collection of up-close-and-personal studies of some of the remarkable creatures with whom we share our planet. The programmes feature all of the stars of the animal kingdom, from majestic big cats, dog and bears, through the fascinating apes of the jungle to the masters of the seas; sharks, whales and dolphins.

“Ultimate Wildlife” highlights the remarkable behaviour patterns of the animal world, looks at the way in which some have adapted to an ever changing environment and explains the reasons why, for some species, life is especially difficult. The series shows that, faced with these great challenges, mankind is striving hard to protect wildlife all over the world.